My name is Steve Marden. Which is very close to Steve Martin or Steve Madden. I realized with a name like this, I had two options: To go into comedy, or become a world famous shoe designer. Obviously, just from looking at me, you’d assume I would have gone into fashion. But the real story is I chose neither, until a few years ago.

I’m a recovered alcoholic, single father, and I’ve been in trouble too many times to count, which is ironic since I look like a cop. After finally getting sober I decided to take the stage and use my past to propel my future. I may look tough, but the truth is, I’m just a normal guy who uses a loofa and coconut oil when I shower.

I perform all over the city, and produce a weekly show called “Fast Times”. If you want to learn more about me, come to a show. Or follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.